The Science Of Laughter

Giggles, chortles, twitters and full-on guffaws – we’ll look at the science of laughter. We need it!



To laugh is human. It’s also chimpanzee. Maybe that’s why we laugh. A gift of evolution. We giggle, we chortle, we belly laugh, we howl. When we’re kids, we roll on the floor with laughter. As adults we laugh for all kinds of reasons: to schmooze, to rejoice, to flatter, to seduce. To just let it rip, let it roll, at life’s absurdity.

Life’s humor. Behind the guffaws, there is a science of laughter. We’ve got a laughter guru with us today. While you’ve been laughing, he’s been listening. Learning.

This hour, On Point: laughter, and the science of laughter. What the yuks are all about.

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By Tom Ashbrook






March 21st, 2012 IN Research

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