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Welcome to Laughter Business

Laughter Business is all about discovering ways we can all feel better and have more positive and rewarding experiences. Having lots of positivity in our lives ensures better outcomes and protects us from the vagaries of modern life. There are many ways to get a positivity boost. Laughter Yoga is one of many. There are also some very interesting tools available that promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing including Positive Psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Self-Hypnosis.

We hope this website can help you on your journey.


  For the remaining Summer period our laughter sessions will only be available to current members. Please email for details and we will contact you when our laughter sessions become open to the public again. Please Email Me When The Next Session Is The laughter club is held at the …

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World Laughter Day This Sunday, 4th May is World Laughter Day, a day on which everyone in the world is invited to share laughter with each other. It would be good to think that everybody laughed every day but sadly this is not the case but let’s make Sunday the …

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This is a little video of Laughter Buddy at the Canadian Laughter Championships in Toronto. Just click on the blog title to view.


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